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23 10 12

Shooting @ Teufelsberg

The eyes of Marion Masuch caught the Lump. Thanks Marion.

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14 08 12

CLASH MOB # 2 – Invitation

CLASH MOB # 2 – official invitation from rene desalmand on Vimeo.

Join the 2nd mass music mob @ Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin. We start close to Eingang Oderstrasse, be there some minutes before 8 p.m, August 22. We are going to march and play along the northern runway, it will take about 30 minutes.
This time we won’t follow a straight beat. Let us aim at building a polyrhythmic cluster with changing beats. Play iles of short tones, listen to the birds, sing for the sun, move.

If you feel like spreading the news, telling your friends etc. please use the unavoidable Lump200 facebook page. If you feel like confirming your attendance please do it here.

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13 07 12

Talking to Spring about Summer

springagain720 from rene desalmand on Vimeo.

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17 05 12

Wet Mob #1 is done

We clashed with Jonny Cash (or who is in charge of the weather at present?). There was a hard rain when the folks were supposed to get to the point to be…

Thanks a lot to every single person who ignored or enjoyed the shower and joined us!

I painted the mob from behind.


This is a stiggstill. Original, 2012.

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30 04 12

Announcement: Clash Mob #1 in Berlin Tempelhof


We are going to play an improvised mass music and march along the runway of the historic airport Berlin Tempelhof. Join us, bring a portable instrument, just play on one single tone. Recording devices are welcome.

Start: close to the entrance Oderstrasse at 8:30 p.m. (in order to enjoy warmth and light of the sunset). MAY 15, 2012
We play for the sun and for the birds. If you want to record yourself while playing please do it and put the file on a public server. It would be lovely to hear loads of mixes and to see various clips of this very moment after the mob.
Please find details, info on coordination and peers on the unavoidable Lump200 facebook site.

I think that we will achieve the most interesting result (music!) if everyone reduces from what he or she really can. That is why I suggest that every musician (professionals and amateurs are equally welcome!) just plays on one tone and tries to find the precise moments in the texture to place it.

Come as you are, bring your friends and please respect the rules of the park.
The plan is that we start in time, play for some 20 and something minutes and then leave the park within the opening ours (till 9:30 p.m.).

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15 04 12

Marching along the runway of Tempelhof

I am planning a music mob. As many musicians, dancers etc. as possible are going to play and walk along the runway of Tempelhof, the central ex-airport of Berlin. One way, about 20 minutes. Last week the core of the Lump200 Band tested the place. If you are interested in this experiment please come back to this very site. We launched the unavoidable Lump200 facebook site in order to gather the crowd. Please read on soon.

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04 10 11

En Bretagne

I am in the very west of France. I record and manipulate original tone, the sea and the wind are loud. I play the saxophone on the cliffs, I play for the sea.
And I make an extended interview with an expert for stranded goods. All in all I collect ingredients for a radio piece that I am going to produce next year.

Where am I?

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29 04 11

Live at HIFA 2011, Harare

I caught up with the band after their electrifying performance at the HIFA Global Stage in April this year. If
the concert is anything to go by, this all-embracing band is destined for great things and in a time when the world is hungry for something alternative, with René on sax, Matchume and Rolando on percussion, Alex on bass, Djibra on drums and some otherworldly chanting these guys are relevant and have just the right mix of ingredients to make a gourmet salivate.


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25 04 11

Full blossom

This is one of the first takes of a series of outdoor recordings. Camera: Ma Raab. Saxophone: me. I can imagine loads of times and places and collaborations for a continuation of this series.

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09 12 10


Das Wetter ist ein blöder Stinksäckel.
Das ist ein Messwert und keine Theorie.

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