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23 08 01


I have a small scholarship in Karthause Ittingen. I make some field recordings and a music matrix for a little radio play. Michael Stauffer brings a text and I cunduct his performance with the matrix on my ears. Michael does not hear the music while performing.
Here is an excerpt from Pfirde, the play will win the Karlsruher Hörspielpreis 2001.

Stauffer/Desalmand: excerpt from Pfirde

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30 06 95

Bye-bye academy

I have been studying saxophone and jazz at the Musikhochschule Luzern formarly known as JSL for two years. Due to several reasons I quit the studies. I am searching and I feel that I will better find outside the academic frame. I have been teaching kids for one year and I feel that this is not how I want to make my living. I will work in callcenters and restaurants for several years and try to develop my way of playing music. After about 5 years I will be able to make a living on it on a low but happy level. But I don’t know that yet, of course..

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