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24 10 11

Desalmand.com goes online

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03 02 11

The map of Tasmania

Amanda Palmer and Peaches suggest diversity. I like this video a lot.

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27 09 09

First encounter and creation

It is the secound part of my beeing composer in residence in southern Africa, a program of Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council. I am appointet to do some research with Rolando Lamussene for about 10 days. We want to find a way of playing music together. Rolando is a percussion player, composer and singer from and in Maputo, Mozambique. On the first day we meet Matchume Zango, percussionist and dancer. We decide to work on a common repertory for one week, then introduce our tunes to Amade Cossa on drums and Nene on Bass.

So we do and we play two club shows at the end of the process as well as an open air neighbourhood gig where we have been rehearsing. Thanks to the Swiss Embassy in Maputo the crowd can attend the show for free.

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21 02 09

Live with Michael Stauffer

I play a duo show with poet Stauffer at –able in Berlin. We have done several gigs like this since 1997. I remember at least two of them at Café Kairo in Bern, one at Rote Fabrik, Zürich, a public livingroom in Schaffhausen, an unplugged gig at Kunstmuseum des Kantons Thurgau. Today it sounds like this.



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23 11 06

Haengt disc tilge

In several steps Michael Stauffer and me produce the radio play Haengt disc tilge. We got some money from Stadt and Kanton Bern. I start with a recording in which I squeeze the speaker Karin Eckes according to my chart while she is reading a non-semantic text of Michael. I think it is a (de)constructed phonetic transcription of a Robbie Williams text.
We use mateial of a x-mas session in Worpswede for the music. We record further material. The actors Christine Groß and Christian Ahlers join us for a session. Michael and me finish the 50 minutes piece ping-pong-wise.

It will take 8 years for Haengt disc tilge to find it’s first radio broadcasting performance. I had some interesting discussions with programme directors about the piece.
Here is an excerpt from the play:

Desalmand/Stauffer: excerpt from Haengt disc tilge

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07 02 00


I write and produce the music for the Stauffer play Schwanenjagd. Nina Hartwig is the director, we play at Schlachthaus, Bern, Rote Fabrik, Zürich and on two stages in Thurgau. During the time in Zürich I play a late night gig (at Rote Fabrik as well) with Stauffer and a solo laptop show at Rohstofflager. And I am preparing the album release Tapidor. It is the first time I really think that I need a mobile phone..

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05 10 71


Wider alle Wahrscheinlichkeit wurde ich ungefähr zu dieser Zeit gezeugt. It had not been likely at all that I was gonna happen.
Ich habe keine Theorie dazu, aber dass ich zu Beginn meines Lebens so massiv der Wahrscheinlichkeit getrotzt habe, nehme ich zum Anlass, das Unwahrscheinliche auch weiterhin in Betracht zu ziehen.

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