09 07 11

Voodoo sandwich

Are you angry with someone or something?
Make a voodoo sandwich:
Draw a sketch of the person who (or the situation that) offended you. Maybe there are other people involved of whom you think they made the person offend you. Make drawings of these, too (you can take photographies as well, of course). Then you place these pictures behind the sketch of the main offender in an order you find apropriate. Then you chooses some places on the top picture where you pin needles through the hole sandwich and fix it to a wall. You can place some other helpful objects around the sandwich if you feel like.

voodoo sandwich, needles through sketch and photographies, 2010

If you tend to suffer from bad conscience there is a better method, maybe.
Make a voodoo sandwitch:

voodoo sandwitch, sand on carpet, 2011

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