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09 03 23

islesofyou :: First Version Online Now

The first version of the web app islesofyou is now online. It’s a softly launched beta version and consists of a couple of proto tracks by Lump200 – you can audio record yourself into those tracks and store your version after having signed in. And you can invite friends or team mates to react to your version or to create their own by sending them the link of the project / of your version e.g.

Versions are not listed within the app yet, so please store the URLs locally or share them in the network of your choice. As different browsers work with different audio protocols, you may have to agree on a browser with the people you want to work with. The fewest picky as far as those protocols are concerned is Chrome; Safari and Edge should be compatible, too.


islesofyou is coded by gravity&storm and visually designed by sofies Kommunikationsdesign – thumbnails and video canvas are all designed by Petra Péterffy for the hybrid Lump200 releases.

We understand this development as a process. The idea is that we observe what happens with the current version and then implement an interface not only for audio contributions within projects but also for the projects themselves. So hopefully you can all become curators and initiators on islesofyou soon.

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24 02 23

I am the Elephant in the Room :: OUT NOW

The 2nd single from the upcoming album Isles Of You drops. Artwork by Petra Péterffy :: Video by Bunkhouse Film and Keinezeitmedien.

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09 12 22

islesofyou :: Social Audio Web App Development

islesofyou is the web app that will accompany and extend the coming Lump200 album Isles of You. It’s all about participation, co-creation and crowd recording. I’m developing this open and inclusive project platform in collaboration with gravity&storm.

Every project on islesofyou starts with a piece of time (image and sound matrix) on which users can easily record and publish their own audio contributions, voice, music, whatever sounds. All published takes can be arranged and edited on the matrix – a variety of versions co-exist and can be shared as widgets. A beta version of islesofyou will be introduced with the 2nd single from the album in February 2023.

In the first stage islesofyou will be free and open to anyone – curators and contributors. So, feel free to come back and have a try in about two months.

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Artwork by Petra Péterffy

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09 12 22

Kryptomarch :: Official Video

Loads of thanks to Petra Péterffy who designed these marvellous animated graphics.

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23 08 21

Unchosen Cover Art

By Petra Peterffy

petrapeterffy_2021 0209_ red dance_

petrapeterffy_2021 0209_ red dance_A

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27 04 21


Unchosen album title. But the idea behind it will stay. So it’s going to be about inclusion, inclusive production. Questioning the separation of stage and floor, virtually and literally. Later on this here and elsewhere.

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25 12 20

Common Wish?


linoleum print

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25 04 18

Rembrandt, is it me

In the following track I worked with a bunch of techniques I will apply in the inclusive ausiovisual installation REMBRANDT, IS IT ME. The track is part of the research. Later more on this project.

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26 09 17

New Lump200 Duo Program in Amsterdam

Fatima & me played the first Lump200 duo show in the marvelous Contact Theater. Thanks to Fabguru. Photos by Joy Bomer.




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11 09 17

Premiere in Amsterdam

Fatima and me are going to present a new Lump200 duo program on September 22 in Amsterdam. Please click on the image to get more details. Our showtime will be 10 p.m. Drop by or send your spies.




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