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31 01 12

Miroir edit

Voilà an early edit of the secound recording session with Wertmüller for the radio piece „Le miroir qui revient qui revient“ (Deutschlandradio/Desalmand):

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05 01 12

Miroir recording session II

I have written a couple of beats and variation stuff for a secound recording session with Michael Wertmüller. We are in my little studio for two days. I manipulate the drums while WM is playing, I play just few saxophone. Some edits with material of this very session can be heard here.

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26 05 11

Recording session with Wertmüller at AdK

This session initiates a radio play after a text of Alain Robbe-Grillet. I will come back to this project later. Michael Wertmüller plays the drums, we record at the electroacoustic studio of the Akademie der Künste, Berlin.
Here you find an extract of the session.

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03 05 11

Concerns corners

Lump200 in the corner in the corner, original picture by Gabriela Löffel

This is a project that waits for further realisation and publication. Gabriela Löffel took a picture of mine standing in the corner on an iron board for flowers. Then the print is folded and presented in the corner of the showroom. No pictures on the walls but in the corners.
If you run a gallery and want to produce this project just say hello.

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27 03 11

Animal talk I

Let the birdie sit on your fingers. Talk to the birdie.

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10 11 10

Duo with Kalle Kalima

I make another duo recording session. This time my counterpart is Kalle Kalima on guitar. The aim is to explore the means of communication and organisation. We don’t fix the structures but agree on roles for each instrumentalist.
Here is a short extract from the session.

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12 09 09

Journées artistiques

This is the site of two neighbours. Please find some very funny and helpful stuff there.

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21 02 09

Live with Michael Stauffer

I play a duo show with poet Stauffer at –able in Berlin. We have done several gigs like this since 1997. I remember at least two of them at Café Kairo in Bern, one at Rote Fabrik, Zürich, a public livingroom in Schaffhausen, an unplugged gig at Kunstmuseum des Kantons Thurgau. Today it sounds like this.



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11 08 08

Otan Utan

Picture © Gabriela Löffel

I play several sessions with Peter Horisberger. He was already the drummer of my band louCHe. I love playing with him but the duo will not survive. Our attitudes towards music and how it should be organized really differ – Peter usually plays with standard jazz combos, amazing, if I think of his level of freedom.
Listen what we will miss.




Picture © Gabriela Löffel
Pictures © Gabriela Löffel

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23 11 06

Haengt disc tilge

In several steps Michael Stauffer and me produce the radio play Haengt disc tilge. We got some money from Stadt and Kanton Bern. I start with a recording in which I squeeze the speaker Karin Eckes according to my chart while she is reading a non-semantic text of Michael. I think it is a (de)constructed phonetic transcription of a Robbie Williams text.
We use mateial of a x-mas session in Worpswede for the music. We record further material. The actors Christine Groß and Christian Ahlers join us for a session. Michael and me finish the 50 minutes piece ping-pong-wise.

It will take 8 years for Haengt disc tilge to find it’s first radio broadcasting performance. I had some interesting discussions with programme directors about the piece.
Here is an excerpt from the play:

Desalmand/Stauffer: excerpt from Haengt disc tilge

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