21 04 17

Power Places

On my way from Brussels to Amsterdam I have the chance to visit Hallerbos Woods. Surrounded by a highway there are these fields of Hyacinthoides, a kind of Asparagus. They are in full blossom these days. Look.


In Amsterdam I meet bass mate Alex Schaub who has become a specialist in digital fabrication. We haven’t met for about a decade. One of the labs Alex has built up is to be found in The Waag – the place where the scene for Rembrandt’s “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp” took place. I get a personal tour through this historical building equipped with digital production gear. Thanks Alex. I feel that this is a place where time bends.

The third place of my research tour is the north sea. I study the flat, work on some song texts, the peaceful atmosphere allows me to consolidate certain ideas and thoughts.


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