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17 02 17

Pull The Daisies


Animation by Petra Péterffy coming soon.

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13 06 16

The Case, awarded

This excellent work by Gabriela Loeffel gets the Schweizer Kunstpreis today. Congrats and it was a pleasure to compose and to produce the title melody for it:

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23 09 15

The Case

I did the title music for a thrilling work by Gabriela Löffel. She filmed the final of a lawyer’s contest hosted by the WTO and screens a insight in her installation „The Case“. The work is shown in Geneva, Montreal and Athens. View a trailer and more news about THE CASE here.

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28 10 13

Call #CHUMMEMAUU : Clarification

Dear visual artists and designers. Thank you so much for the numerous feedbacks!

What I am looking for is a concept/idea for moving pictures/video/animation for the the Lump200 track CHUMMEMAUU and a person/team that wants to realize it. „Chummemauu“ means „come (down from your high horse)“ in the Swiss German language that is spoken by the natives arround Bern and some few more indivduals spread over the globe.

If you wish to suggest a production please write down your basic idea as well as a rough calculation and send it to me. I will choose the proposal that excites me most and I wish to find a way of finalizing the track and the visual sequence in true collaboration with the person/team that suggested it.
I hope to make my decision by November 15th.

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28 08 12

The United States Of Hoodoo

A road trip to the black roots of American culture. I had the pleasure to see this highly ispiring piece of cinema by Oliver Hardt in my very neighbourhood. Thanks for this warm work.

The United States of Hoodoo | Official Trailer from Stoked Film, Germany on Vimeo.

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30 04 12

Announcement: Clash Mob #1 in Berlin Tempelhof


We are going to play an improvised mass music and march along the runway of the historic airport Berlin Tempelhof. Join us, bring a portable instrument, just play on one single tone. Recording devices are welcome.

Start: close to the entrance Oderstrasse at 8:30 p.m. (in order to enjoy warmth and light of the sunset). MAY 15, 2012
We play for the sun and for the birds. If you want to record yourself while playing please do it and put the file on a public server. It would be lovely to hear loads of mixes and to see various clips of this very moment after the mob.
Please find details, info on coordination and peers on the unavoidable Lump200 facebook site.

I think that we will achieve the most interesting result (music!) if everyone reduces from what he or she really can. That is why I suggest that every musician (professionals and amateurs are equally welcome!) just plays on one tone and tries to find the precise moments in the texture to place it.

Come as you are, bring your friends and please respect the rules of the park.
The plan is that we start in time, play for some 20 and something minutes and then leave the park within the opening ours (till 9:30 p.m.).

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22 05 98


I bring out my first vinyl under the alias ARE DEE. Phoody is used as soundtrack for the short film Zeitseeing of Hubert Neidhart. The cover is by Hubi as well.

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